Prim.IO User Guide

Run your Prim.IO ERP system in one of the following three ways:

Register a free test system

To get an idea of how Prim.IO works, you can start a free trial system to your measure and budget here. Take a look at the three price plans we offer because the test system will have different features depending on the price plan you choose.

Register a free demo with loaded data

To get 30 days access to the demo version of Prim.IO we only need an email to send login details. You will receive the system in its full functionality without limitations, loaded with conditional data that will give you an idea of its operation.

Contact our implementation experts

The third way to access a test or demo version is to call 02/964 11 05 or send an email to Our team will make sure you get a domain, username and password tailored to the size of your business and the functionality you need.

Prim.IO system implementation

Once you’re convinced of Prim.IO’s quality and merits, and you’ve established which pricing plan works for you, the next step is to start the implementation. Our main goal in working with clients is the maximum optimization of all areas of the company’s activities. Each of our service offerings leads to this goal, which is why we have chosen “shared deployment” as a way to begin our work together.

Shared implementation is a one-time service that includes consulting and initial system setup. Our implementation expert walks with a key user on the client side through building a completely new system. This includes absolutely all functionalities, creating roles and permissions according to the company needs, importing the information about contractors/finance/ nomenclature. This is a total of 25 steps, which does not include interactions with external systems (forwarding and multi-sales systems).

Thus, in addition to clarifying the customer’s business logic, the system is also adjusted to his way of working. To maximize the efficiency of the process, we share our know-how and help with various successful business practices. During this deployment period (usually between 2 and 4 weeks), the key user fully understands how Prim.IO works, going through all the processes in detail.

ERP systems are not just “dry matter”. They evolve with everything around us and are much more than just digging through tons of information, confusing references and endless clicking. Prim.IO is a cloud service and this makes it a faithful assistant, which, in addition to the computer in the office, is always and everywhere with you – on your phone or other device with the Internet.

Video tutorials for Prim.IO